Train human resources with a high level of academic preparation to participate in the study of the environment to assess its quality, develop and propose technological actions for its preservation and recovery.


  1. To promote applied, interdisciplinary and technological research and articulate their development to educational programs, with a view to generating institutional capacities that are related of their postgraduate programs in the formation of human capital required by the State of Campeche and its environment.
  2. To contribute to the training of specialists capable of analyzing the optimal, financially feasible and environmentally acceptable operation of industrial processes, as well as providing the necessary elements for the research of the appropriate features available in order to get better results in those processes.
  3. To develop new technologies or to adapt the current ones for the treatment and reuse of home and industrial sewage.
  4. To propose alternate methods to handle solid and hazardous waste.
  5. To develop and apply technologies for the assessment of environmental impact and to propose environmental preventative and recovery measures.
  6.  This program shall serve as a regional center for training researchers for the south-southeast region of Mexico in such areas as Environmental Engineering.
  7. Regarding that the training needs required at this level depend on the knowledge and the professional  or teacher expertise of the applicants and the training expectations of the Chemical Engineering graduates or related areas, the Master’s degree is offered under the following modality.