Curriculum was designed to get the masters degreee in Environmental Sciences in 4 semesters. The following activities are expected during such a period.

  1. During the first year students are to take eleven subjects to include five basic ones and two for the research protocol and follow-up of their thesis, two research seminars and two electives. Thesis director shall accept the elective subjects if they are according to their thesis path chosen.
  2. During the first semester the thesis director requests the assignment of a tutorial committee, integrated by three researchers of the program.
  3. During semesters III and IV, the student must give two research seminars in front of the students and researchers of the program of masters in Environmental Sciences. Also, to pass the third semester, the student must submit a research progress briefing to the tutorial committee.
  4. By the middle of the fourth semester, the student must submit a draft dissertation,
  5. By the end of the fourth semester, the student will carry out the formalities and present and defend his/her thesis work before a jury or synod.



In adherence to the new educational model in force at the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen, regarding the Competence Based Model; this Master’s Degree will include the following domains:

  • KNOWLEDGE: Train graduate students in Environmental Sciences who can adequately apply the methods and techniques to solve the current environmental problems in our country today.
  • ATTITUDES: That the Masters in Sciences be able to identify the impact areas of the Environmental Sciences in order to be able to solve problems of the social and industrial environment.
  • SKILLS: Generate scientific knowledge in the area of Environmental Sciences.
  • WORK CAPABILITY: Accept the challenges of science, and solve problems successfully. To work individually and interdisciplinary to obtain a greater impact in the solution of the problems.

The development of the Master in Environmental Sciences is based on a school-based modality supported by laboratories, field practices, integrative courses, personalized assessments and handling of computer equipment.

It is mandatory for the student to comply with 90% of the classroom activity in the classroom and the laboratories.

The curricular design was based on the guidelines in adherence to the Postgraduate Regulation, for the establishment of credits and guidelines for a subject.

To obtain the Master's Degree in Environmental Sciences the student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have studied and passed with a minimum grade of 80 out of 100, all the courses of the basic and elective subjects offered in the first two semesters.
  2. Comply with all activities as outlined in the curriculum.
  3. Obtain approval of the thesis by the corresponding Tutorial committee.
  4. Have passed the examination of degree that requires the oral defense of the thesis in a examination before a jury composed by 3 professors.
  5. Respect and adhered to the Student Regulations and the Postgraduate Regulations of the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen.