Students enrolled in the Master's Program in Mechatronics Engineering will have individual computer equipment available and a shared cubicle to perform their tasks and research work. In addition, there will be Simulation Rooms with computer equipment, in which specialized software with current licensing and laboratory spaces for experimentation are available.

Classrooms where the courses and workshops for the Master's program are taught are equipped with video projection equipment and air conditioning. There are also rooms with video conference equipment to be linked in real time with other institutions or researchers.


The following laboratories are available:

  1. Systems Signal Laboratory.
  2. Control Engineering Laboratory.
  3. Mechatronics Engineering Laboratory.
  4. Laboratory of Electrical Engineering (Electric Machines).
  5. Electronic Experimentation Laboratory.

These laboratories have specialized equipment in robot manipulators of varying degrees of freedom, haptic systems, mobile robots and autonomous vehicles.


The University has a Central Library with facilities with adequate spaces and where bibliographic collection of different disciplines and areas related to Mechanics, Electronics, Computer Science and Mechatronics are available. There is also a library in the facilities of the Engineering Department with a bibliographic collection related to the undergraduate and graduate programs offered at this department. The latter library also has two computer rooms and a photocopy service available for students.