Applicants for the Master in Mechatronics Engineering must be graduated from one of the Mechatronics, Electronics, and Electrical, Mechanical, Robotics or other related areas. Having solid knowledge in Mathematics and Physics, in classical control, instrumentation and process control, analog and digital electronics is required. Likewise, having interest in scientific research and technological development in engineering areas.  Being a proactive person with a desire for academic and professional improvement and having knowledge of the English language are also required.


Applicants for the Master in Mechatronics Engineering require the following documents:

  • Copy of Bachelor's Degree or official document stating that it is in process given by the attesting applicant´s institution of origin.
  • If Bachelor’s Degree is not presented, an official document is required from the Institution of origin of the applicant that indicates that Masters Credits are allowed as graduation requirement option.
  • Copy of the full transcript of studies that indicates the general average of academic achievement of the candidate; minimum average 8.0.
  • Copy of birth certificate. In case of being a foreigner, Immigration Form proving legal stays in the country.
  • Professional I.D. Card and number (Otherwise document certifying procedure in process)
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • A copy of current official identification with photograph.
  • CURP (Citizenship identification code)
  • Diploma or document proving knowledge of English language.

All students who comply with the documentation must follow the following steps for admission to the Program:

  • Take an English language exam. This English test will be administered by the UNACAR Language Center.
  • Take a 3-week preparation course 120 hour long. The course will include Mathematics, Classical Control and Modeling of Physical Systems.

At the end of the preparatory course, an admission examination will be applied and all applicants who have passed the examination will be interviewed by the members of the Basic Academic Core of the Program and their curricular and extracurricular capacities and their professional interests will be evaluated. All applicants who have covered the admission requirements and the admission profile will be admitted to the Program and will be notified by the official media, the admitted students must submit a subject proposal and the Basic Academic Core of the masters will evaluate the proposals..