The Faculty of Engineering, one of the oldest faculties of the Autonomous University of Carmen, founded and forged in the famous Carmelite Lyceum, in 1989, has trained professionals in different areas of Engineering for almost three decades, including the new carrer of Architecture, who actuality, all of them work with great success in the labor market in different positions of research, management and management, even outside our borders.

The prestige, which today is pride and responsibility, is based on an educational project that has been able to combine a rigorous academic training dictated in the classrooms and laboratories by our teachers with extensive experience in their areas of knowledge and recognition in the national system of the people who worked and the architects. To achieve the above, one of the priority focuses of our Faculty is to be centered on the Person, in other words the Students, which translates into activities and actions that determine the management and performance of our academics and collaborators, through of active learning methodologies that allow to enhance the development of our professionals as integral and technically competent people to attend areas of opportunity in our area of highly competitive influence.

Undoubtedly, the most important results faced by future engineers and architects, those that are to come, the most important problems, the future, the media, computer systems, but nevertheless, we are convinced that our academic project, which balances the delivery of knowledge, skills and attitudes, that participate in our graduates, with certain advantages of that work and business environment.

We invite you to participate in this academic project.

Welcome to the Faculty that promotes its academic quality standards in the International Reference Framework.

C. Juan Antonio Álvarez Arellano
Doctor en Ingeniería Estructural